Primary pupils become triathletes

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Primary pupils become triathletes
Posted on: Mar 25th 2019

Ten widths of a swimming pool, five laps of a playground on a bike and a run around a school field saw pupils become triathletes.

Pupils from primary schools within the BMAT group of schools in Harlow competed for the third year in a triathlon.

More than 20 pupils – the highest number of competitors to date – all completed the gruelling course at Burnt Mill Academy.

Phil Dawes, BMAT director of sport, said: “This is something different for our pupils to get involved in.

“We are keen to promote cycling more and to get them taking part in something competitive around cycling is nice.

“We have also got a swimming pool, so why not use it in this way.”

Pupils competed from Cooks Spinney Primary, Freshwaters Primary, Little Parndon Primary and Roydon Primary.

In the boys’ event, Jake Daniels from Roydon came first, Dima Gracovs from Freshwaters came second and Kacee Dunn from Roydon came third.

In the girls’ event, Chloe Fenton from Roydon came first, Zoe Opiyo from Little Parndon came second and Carmen Amor from Cooks Spinney came third.

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