Schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed

These few words sum up what BMAT is about. We are a growing multi-academy trust supporting primary and secondary schools across Essex and East London.

We started as a team of educationalists who succeeded in turning around the fortunes of Burnt Mill Academy in Harlow between 2010 - 2012. Since that time, we have built up a regional schools trust that is committed to the following:

‘No limits’ attitude towards children

We believe that no child should be limited by where they’ve come from; that every child within the BMAT family deserves the chance to move on from where they are now to somewhere better. This belief – this attitude – is a non-negotiable for us here at BMAT.

Letting our teachers truly teach

We believe in letting our teachers do what they’re best at – teach. Our experience is that a strict scheme of work and carbon copy approach doesn’t work. Why? Because, ultimately, instinctive teaching is the kind of teaching that will inspire a child to see and discover new possibilities.

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Local schools with local personalities

We are not in the business of making every school in our network look like each other. In fact, we celebrate the personality and character of each school that joins our network. Local schools by nature have local personalities – and we aren’t afraid of that.