Local Governing Boards

BMAT understands the important role that local governors play. They know the communities and the schools in which they serve and are the best equipped people to support school leaders to secure the best educational provision for the pupils within them. We have exceptional people on our governing bodies.

BMAT local governing bodies have two main roles:

  1. They hold senior leaders to account, ensuring that the provide the best education for the pupils. Ensuring that the curriculum, the quality of teaching and the outcomes are outstanding.
  2. They also provide  advice to the Trust Board about the strategic direction of the school and how to make best use of the resources the school has available to them.

BMAT Trustees are committed to ensuring that they have highly skilled governing body in all their schools and train them regularly to enable them to fulfil their important function.

We are always looking to recruit new governors, with the right motivation and skill set. If interested in joining one of our LGBs please contact us.