Schools love being part of BMAT

Whether you are a school that has come up against difficult times or you are on a path of growth and looking to be part of something bigger, we are always open to new schools joining our Trust.

Being part of BMAT means being part of school network with a distinctive ethos and approach, marked by the following hallmarks:

We choose to be in close proximity

Unlike many multi-academy trusts, BMAT schools are marked by a clear geographical proximity – a feature that allows for collaboration and relationship of the kind few other growing MATs can offer.

We embrace local personality

We are not in the business of making every school the same. In fact, we celebrate the personality and character of each school, because local schools by nature have local personalities – and we aren’t afraid of that.

We commit to sharing what we have

At BMAT, we share what we have with each other – whether experience, specialist teachers, or dedicated resources. It is part of our DNA, how we choose to do things around here.

We know what works

While we celebrate diversity and individuality, we also know what works best. That’s why certain aspects of how our schools are run we work hard to ensure are consistent across the network.

“From the outset, it was about us being an equal partner, not just being helped by the big MAT.
We knew that the vision we had for the school could continue when we joined BMAT.”

Epping St John’s