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Posted on: Sep 19th 2018

A cultural partnership is being set up in Harlow to give young people new experiences through arts and culture.

With a mission of broadening horizons and opening up possibilities, the Local Cultural Education Partnership is being launched in association with Royal Opera House Bridge.

Anyone keen to improve the life of young people in Harlow and to expand the opportunities for creative learning is invited to get involved.

Cristin Casey, director of performing arts for the BMAT family of schools in the town, is spearheading the campaign.

She said: “I am passionate about getting involved in the community and so am working with Royal Opera House Bridge who are looking to get schools, and other cultural organisations, together.

“We will get together and chat about what we can do, look at where the gaps are and see how we can work together and build partnerships. There are so many things we can do together. We will start with the young people and then branch out.”

Mrs Casey is keen to put on a rock event for parents who may have learnt to pay instruments when they were younger, but who have not kept the hobby up.

She said: “I want parents to pick up an instrument again. It would help parents to understand what their children are learning in school.

“That’s just one project we have in mind. Projects like these do not have to be restricted to just one school, they can involve the whole community, which opens up new relationships. We can support them and they can support us.”

The partnership, being supported by funding by the Arts Council, is being launched at Harlow Playhouse on Thursday September 20 at 5.30pm.

Sign up at here.

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