Mark Hall Academy

Mark Hall Academy in Harlow will be joining BMAT Education to oversee and steer the next phase of its development. The academy will be joining BMAT early in 2021.

Following Mark Hall’s most recent Ofsted inspection in June 2020, the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC), who oversees academies in the area on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education, wrote to the existing trust, Academy Transformation Trust (ATT), in the summer to say she was considering asking another academy trust to take over as sponsor of Mark Hall Academy. 

BMAT was selected by the Regional Schools Commissioner as the best-placed sponsor to continue the improvement process at Mark Hall Academy over the coming period.

Following engagement with the Boards of Trustees at both ATT and BMAT, the RSC’s Head Teacher Board supported the proposed transfer at its meeting on 22 October 2020.

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11th November 2020 - Letter issued to BMAT Parent and Carers

17th November 2020 - TUPE Meeting presentation for staff

19th November 2020 - An online event for all stakeholders. You can view the event here.

14th December 2020 - Mark Hall Community Letter re: Transfer Date Confirmation

17th December 2020 - Mark Hall Sports Centre letter and feedback request

21st December 2020 - Start Of Term / Student Testing Information

Mark Hall Academy

Mark Hall Academy

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