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Welcome to the BMAT Rainbow Games!

Because we can't hold a 'normal' Sports Day, the school is going to hold a 'Virtual Sports Day' instead, called the BMAT Rainbow Games.

We would like each child to do 8 activities during the last week of term and write their BEST score on the score sheet. (They can try it as many times as they like!) 7 activites are on the score sheet plus 'one minute skipping' which can be written on the sheet by hand'. If families do not have a skipping rope, they can come to the school, where some spares have been left at reception for them to collect and keep. Please send/ email/ deliver the scores to the school so the PE Coordinator can add up the scores for each house to see the winning House. Parents and families are very welcome can take part as well and we'd love to see any short videos of children taking part if you could send them in? 

Instructions and the score sheet can be found below to read and print out if you can, along with the Rainbow Games Values which helps the children have fun without worrying too much about the scores!

The Sports Day trophy will then be presented when we return to school in September and every child who participated will receive a certificate with individual prizes for the best scores in each year group as well as children who showed the BMAT values of Determination, Honesty & Accountability. (See Rainbow Games Values)

This means the children should try their best, do the activities fairly and the right way and play their part to help their house win. Every score will count towards their House's total. 

We look forward to seeing all your scores, please contact me (or the PE Coordinator) if you have any queries.

Cooks Spinney, Ms Jordan:

Freshwaters, Mr Newborough:

Little Parndon, Mr Odebode:

Magna Carta, Mr Gonzales:

Roydon, Ms Luscombe:

Good luck, have lots of fun and stay safe and active this Summer holiday!

I look forward to seeing you all in September

P. Dawes
Director of PE & Sport


Page Downloads Date  
Pupil instructions Sports Day 13th Jul 2020 Download
The Rainbow Games Activities 13th Jul 2020 Download
The Rainbow Games Score sheet 13th Jul 2020 Download
The Rainbow Games Values 13th Jul 2020 Download