Summer Fitness Programme

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During this term, hopefully you did some fitness tests at the start so you can see your fitness improving. For the last few weeks we have had projects each week to help keep you active & improve your fitness levels such as cycling, running & skipping. Now I want you to think about how you're going to stay fit & healthy during the Summer, so I want you to plan a 6 week Summer Fitness Programme.

Firstly, think of the fitness tests that test your agility, balance, coordination, power, cardiovascular fitness, sit ups, press ups etc. I want you to choose some of these tests to try to improve over the Summer; you can choose a different one each week if you like.

Next I want you to plan some activities each week in order to improve your fitness. Think of the space & facilities you have at home, in your garden or near your house/ flat so it's easy to do those activities. When you're choosing which fitness test to do, it could be an a general area you think you need to improve eg you get tired when running for a little bit so want to improve your cardiovascular fitness, or it may be because you already play a sport which requires that specific aspect eg a tennis player may want to improve their coordination, to improve their performance.

Some basic principles:

Start off slowly, 2 or 3 sessions in the first week and gradually build it up, doing more sessions each week & doing them for longer. Do not try to do too much!

Do activities that you enjoy more; it's important (& easier) to do if it's fun. If you enjoyed skipping this term, plan some skipping sessions. 

Think of what your family have planned and fit your sessions around those plans. If your family are going to the coast for a few days, you might like to plan some swimming in the sea.

You might like to do it with other members of your family so ask them; they may also help you plan the programme. 

The best way to see the success of your programme is to do the fitness tests you have chosen at the start of the summer and do them again at the end of the programme, to see if they got better. You can also choose a different fitness test each week if you like. The fitness tests are on the website in the first week 1st June. On the website for this week there are also suggested activities to improve each aspect of fitness. 

Remember, this is your plan; you don't have to tell anyone your results but me and your PE teachers at school would be more than happy to help you plan the programme and would love to hear how you got on. We'd also love to see short video clips of you doing the tests or just exercising. Some parents sent clips of the tests you did before and they were great- thank you!

PE staff would be more than happy to look at and advise on any child's programme if they wanted to email/send it to the school. The PE Coordinators' email addresses are as follows. We'd love to hear from you.

Cooks Spinney, Ms Jordan:

Freshwaters, Mr Newborough:

Little Parndon, Mr Odebode:

Magna Carta, Mr Gonzales:

Roydon, Ms Luscombe:

Good luck and have a fab and active summer holiday.

Best wishes
P. Dawes

Use the Summer Fitness Programme to plan activities each week and you can look at the lesson cards below to give you ideas of activities that you can try

Suggested Activities to improve:

Lesson cards can be downloaded below.

  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Throwing (Coordination) 
  • Catching (Coordination) 
  • Running (Speed)
  • Jumping  (Power)
  • Bouncing a Basketball (Coordination) 
  • Kicking a Football (Coordination) 
  • Flexibility 


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