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For the last few years, BMAT has marked National skipping day by promoting lots of skipping activities across the schools in the Trust. Sports Leaders have gone around the Primary schools to encourage the children, most of whom have responded superbly. This culminated last year when as a Trust we achieved more than a million skips in one day.

This year's National skipping day fell on April 24th by which time the schools had partially closed. But to make up for this, one of the PE Weekly focuses this term is Skipping Week which will start next week on 29th June. A million skips in a day may be too much so we're aiming for a million skips in a week

Pupils and staff can complete a weekly schedule of skipping (to be found on their school's website, in Home Learning- PE) & send in their final scores to: 

Please note it doesn't have to be done every day if it's not possible; children should just do what they can & remember that the more they practise the better they will get- you will see your scores get higher!

I can then add up all the scores giving special mentions to the top scorers in:

  • Number of skips in 30secs
  • Number of non-stop skips 
  • Number of skips in 1 day
  • Number of skips in 1 week

I suggest children do a tally for every 10 skips to make the counting a little easier and it would also be great for pupils to send in video clips of their 30 second challenge. I'm hoping all PE Coordinators will do these for next week too. 

Here are a couple of inspirational videos to motivate the children.


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