Running Week

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Family Couch to 5K

This week’s PE focus is running, more specifically the ‘Family Couch to 5K’. 

Please bear in mind the cycling challenge will still be continuing & all other ideas on the site will still be available to use. Having a weekly focus is all about students/ parents finding an activity that suits them and engages them to stay active, fit and healthy

However I’m aware not everyone has a bike and some people just prefer running. So on the website this week are some training tips for students/ families to follow and also some training plans; a 6 week & 9 week training plan. 

Both have a set target of 5K (5,000 metres) or apx 30 mins continuous running but the plans progress very gently to this stage. Some students/ families will already have some experience of running so could follow the 6 week plan leading to a 5K Park Run (see below). 

Families not used to running very far should use the gentler 9 week plan with lots of breaks between periods of running. Lots of different plans/ apps are available for this, for example an NHS one or the Couch to 5K app where experts such as the US professional athlete, Michael Johnson, talk you through the training sessions. 

There are other training programmes available; it's important you find one that suits you best. 

Running Tips for Children

6 week Training Plan for a Family 5K

9 week Training Plan for a Family 5K (NHS Guide)

Kids couch to 5K 10 week plan

Fun Activities for Children’s Speed & Agility

Info to find your local park run