National Bike Week

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Two major events on the cycling calendar have been cancelled this year due to coronavirus. The first is the annual Tour de France where the world’s best professional cyclists pedal all around the country until its climax along the Champs Elysees in Paris.

But more of a concern was the cancellation of the annual BMAT primary & secondary sponsored bike rides, from Harlow to Stratford, along the river Stort & river Lea. This has taken place for the last 4 years and I know students look forward to taking part; some having done the ride at their primary & secondary school.

So to make up for this & to coincide with national bike week starting on 6th June, BMAT are planning to do a Virtual Tour de France with as many students, teachers & parents taking part as possible.

The target is between all of us, to cycle the planned route of the le tour 2020, totalling apx 3470km. Everyone can play a part; on racing bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, static bikes and even bikes with stabilisers & push along bikes for the younger members of the Trust. 

As the Government have eased the 'lockdown' and encouraged people to exercise more, particularly outside, it’s a great opportunity for families to get out on their bikes, if they have them, be active. I'm aware bike sales have risen sharply over the last 3 months. 

What to do:

Whenever you decide to cycle between now and the end of Summer term, however long or short the journey, record the distance from either a fitness tracker, smart phone or just note down the distance/ time that you rode. It's fine if you cycle with friends or family but don't forget to give them a name check as well!

How to record:

Please add your information to this form.

At the end of each day, I will add up the day's distance and update the total distance cycled, keeping a record of where we are on the 2020 planned route around France. Please keep adding these distances; you can record as many journeys as you like. There will be prizes afterwards for students & families that cover the greatest distances.

Please remember that the main objective of this idea is to keep everyone active during the coronavirus crisis to maintain everyone's physical & mental health. Cycling is known to help these aspects of people's wellbeing.

We would also love to see any short videos/ photos of where you cycled to for us to display on this webpage and our social media; if you would like to be included you can send them to Please include a note in the email that you give consent for your photos/videos to be used online.

Health & Safety 

Please remember to check your bikes before starting your journey to ensure tyres are fully pumped up and brakes, gears etc are in good working order. You should wear a helmet, especially if you are cycling on public roads and if you're going on a long journey, remember to take food and water as well as pump/ puncture repair kit in case of any problem you may have along the way.

If you have any queries or comments, please let me know via email

Good luck and happy cycling.

P. Dawes
Director of PE & Sport

Virtual Tour de France Running Total Distance