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Before the schools partially closed, BMAT were working with a company called Fitmedia to assess the children's fitness for the following reasons:

  1. To monitor the progress of the children's fitness, ensuring that all children were getting stronger, faster, more powerful etc 

  2.  To find out the children's individual strengths which might influence what sports and activities they wanted to continue and practise

  3. To identify 'weaker' aspects of fitness that individuals should try to improve and provide activities to practise those aspects of fitness.

    For example, a girl who achieved a good strength score might want to go to the school rugby club and even Harlow Rugby club to use that strength to her advantage. If her co-ordination score wasn't very high, she could do some activities to try to improve her co-ordination (and help with her ball handling skills in rugby)

Fitmedia have a huge database of national scores from schools all over the country. The scores the children recorded earlier this year have been compared to children the same age and gender to find out each individual's strengths.

Because Fitmedia will not be able to come into school until the next academic year, they have offered to analyse any data families can provide during this time. 

A lot of the tests they use can be done at home and you can record the scores. You can repeat the tests to try to beat previous bests. 

To show/remind the children how to do them, each fitness test is demonstrated on video by a member of BMAT's P.E. team. Please have a go at home and let us know your scores; even better if you can make a little video clip and send that. 

Each school's PE Coordinator's email address is below. Please email their coordinator or Mr Dawes and we'll send the results off to Fitmedia and let you know how the results compared nationally. Fitmedia also keep data from adults so mums & dads are VERY WELCOME to have a go too! All data will be confidential and only be seen by BMAT staff; names will not be sent to Fitmedia as every primary school child has been given a UFN (Unique Fitness Number) that is used to anonymise the data. For more information on how BMAT handles data please read our Privacy Notice for Pupils, Parents and Carers.

PE Coordinators:

Cooks Spinney Academy: M Jordan
Freshwaters Academy: J Newborough
Little Parndon Academy: J Odebode
Magna Carta Academy: L Gonzales
Roydon Academy: E Luscombe

Please contact myself if there are any queries and I'll respond as soon as I can.

Have a go at as many as you can and GOOD LUCK!

P. Dawes
BMAT Director of PE and Sport

The fitness tests


Agility: 10 shuttles (5m) 

Agility: speed bounce (30 secs) 

Balance: each leg (30 secs)

Co-ordination: alternate hand ball throw (30 secs)

Co-ordination: juggling (how many catches?)

Power: standing long jump (how far?)

Muscular endurance: press ups (30 secs)

Muscular endurance: sit ups (30 secs)

Cardiovascular fitness: 6 minute run (for years 4,5 & 6); 3 minute run (for years 2 & 3)


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