Freshwaters Primary Academy

Freshwaters Primary Academy joined BMAT on 1st September 2013. It is a co-educational 4-11 school, where pupils are encouraged to ‘be anything, dream anything, create anything, and become anything, because we believe in ourselves and in each other’.

That is the school’s vision for all members of the school community: pupils, staff and families. The four curriculum drivers ensure pupils are prepared for life in the 21st century; for occupations which currently do not even exist. These drivers are: applying skills that prepare pupils for life; having first hand experiences and taking positive risks; being enterprising and having aspirations; and developing personal and social skills.

Parents are the first and most important educators in the lives of their children, and  Freshwaters works very closely with families and constantly finds new ways to make them a vital part of the school community. Parent Champions are fast becoming the life force of the school; when children see their parents in their school, they know that school is an important place to be.

Being part of a family of primary and secondary schools, enables pupils and staff to have a multitude of opportunities, which enrich both the curriculum and professional development.

Everyone is encouraged to ‘Explore Together’, which is the school motto. 

“Our staff are a dedicated team of professionals and are our most valuable resource. They are empowered to work together and to make decisions to improve the life chances of our pupils. That is why they come to work every day”.

Freshwaters Primary Academy

Freshwaters Primary Academy

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